Airlift Successfully Landed in Rotterdam!

Quotes from the press release by Innovation Quarter

A delivery service that doesn’t require deliverers anymore. If it’s up to the Qatar companies Airlift Systems and N-gon, drones will soon be the ones delivering the packages to your doorstep. Recently these two companies joined forces in a new company: Geeba. Airlift and Geeba have both set up office in Rotterdam to further develop their innovation.

Rotterdam as a business location

Ahmed Mohamedali had good reasons for choosing the city of Rotterdam with its strong tradition in manufacturing. Both the Geeba and the Airlift offices are based in the Cambridge Innovation Centre (CIC). Airlift and Geeba both received a startup visa, a temporary residence permit for ambitious starters from abroad. The visa is valid for a maximum of one year. During this next year Airlift will get the opportunity to further develop their business and innovation in cooperation with Geeba and with help from their facilitator CIC.

The companies have been assisted by the Invest in Holland partners the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), InnovationQuarter and Rotterdam Partners.

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