Collaborating for Decentralized Last-Mile Delivery

Sharing the vision of a greaner, less traffic and happier cities. We've joined forces with a Dutch blockchain company, Geeba, working on the Blockchain of Delivery. We believe that realizing Airlift's vision requires all stakeholders to collaborate together.

Geeba will enable the use of ground robots and drones for delivery with the target of reduding the cost of delivery by 50% and make the service flexible and available 24/7 to customers buying products online. Moreover, over US$200 million invested in automated delivery startups globally in the past two years.

Blockchain technology which is a newly emerging technology to add visibility and predictability to logistics operations to accelerate the physical flow of goods. But more importantly, the relevance of blockchain for autonomous delivery comes in involving the community as part of the solution, part of a “blockchain for delivery economy”. Specifically, the utilization of the community’s sense of ownership possess great potential with such applications like cryptocurrency—this leverages on user’s becoming advocates for the vision, drawing in developers, investors, and salespeople to play a much active role.

Ahmed AliComment